Easy Money

But those who want to be rich fall into temptation and a trap… 1 TIMOTHY 6:9 LEXHAM ENGLISH BIBLE If ever these words proved to be true and fitting, it could be argued that the recent sorry tale of Sam Allardyce’s spectacular fall from his dream job of England manager is the prime example. Having […]

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Creating Culture

A leader’s job is to create and maintain a culture that is nurturing and that breeds success. Cultures are developed through the acting out of principles on a consistent basis. This makes choosing the correct principles a vital part of the creation of a culture or the transformation of a culture. Selecting the right principles […]

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A New Era Beckons

If the recent General Election taught us anything, it is that old-style politics is long past its viability limit. Yes, an old-fashioned victory was won by the Conservatives but the previous administration was a coalition and the polls seemed to indicate that this present government would be one too. The imbalance of votes cast against […]

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Keys To Ultimate Victory

All warfare is based on deception. So said Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese strategist whose writings have inspired many leaders in both the military and, in recent times, the business world. By deception Sun Tzu doesn’t mean dishonesty. He means craftiness, guile and cunning that throws the enemy into confusion or forces him to make […]

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A Timely Reminder

All publicity is good publicity. The old adage is very true. Notoriety and even criminality can actually enhance someone’s public profile. Except in the case of paedophilia. A lesson now being learned by Max Clifford, who is eating prison food today because he didn’t learn it. I am not referring so much to his crimes […]

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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Some might remember the song with the same title as my header. Sadly, there is a lot of truth in this statement when it comes to leadership i.e. too many people see leadership as “ruling the world” rather than leading people to a better place and future. The old models of autocratic leadership are thankfully […]

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Be The Leader

It is absolutely incumbent upon any leader to actually be the leader. By this I mean be what it says on the tin. It is not enough to have the title, the salary or the status. Leaders must embody everything required of them. It is important to understand a key aspect of leadership, particularly in […]

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Handling The Critics

As a leader you have to get used to dealing with critics for one simple reason: The world is full of them. Especially in this internet age, when people have much closer proximity to those in the public eye through 24 hour news and social media, the ability of leaders to shut themselves away from […]

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